This is at least my 31st try to startup with a site. Apart from that, it serves me as a diary in the form of a blog. Or at least should do so. 

 So – who am I ?

I’m in my best years (at least this is what all the older people say) and I have a dream and a sketchy plan what to do next in my life. And since I have been asked multiple times WTF I mean with the «journey to the second instance» – now here’s the explanantion:

The dream is about sailing the world with a sailing boat. And this also is the sketchy plan. Within this site, I will document that journey, what decisions I made and why I did them. Where I am now and what I am looking at at the moment. This is the journey. You might also want to look at that from a more philosophical side.

And…. there are some things more than sailing on the site. Just look around. Usage of all and everything on your own risk. 





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